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The Class of 2025- TeamReach

Mr. Tyler Tallmadge is inviting the Parents & Guardians of the Class of 2025 to join the TeamReach he made in order to connect with the families of the Class of 2025. The TeamReach will be used to coordinate fundraising & other events for the Class of 2025. Parents & Guardians of the Class of 2025 that would like to be involved can down the TeamReach App and join using the code: PG2025

Come show your support at MVHS Senior Night

by Max Bottfield

This week in MVHS Basketball both teams face off against Winslow, Maranacook, and Waterville. So far this week, neither team has come away with a win. On Tuesday, both teams fell to Winslow, and on Wednesday, both teams lost again to Maranacook. Tonight, Waterville is on the schedule. The girls take the trip to Waterville in this cold weather, and the boys get to stay at home. It’s also senior night for the boys’ team as they play their last regular season home game at MVHS. Issac Ellis, Nick Cobb, Tyler Russell, Max Bottenfield, Ryan Oliver, Cameron Rae, Brock Cassidy, and Joe Morse, along with senior cheerleader Sydney Bishop are all being honored tonight for their contribution to MVHS Basketball over the years. The Boys won the last time the two teams played in December. Although, for the first half, it was a pretty hard-fought contest. The Girls also are in need of some wins down the stretch if they hope to improve their position for the playoffs.


Scholarship Opportunities

by Belle Holt

Current scholarships out now for students in Maine: 

  • The Worthington Scholarship:  This scholarship awards up to $17,000 for students attending a 4-year college and for students attending a two-year community college they may be awarded up to $14,250. You must plan to attend a 2 or 4-year college in Maine to be eligible. To be eligible for a 2-year associates scholarship, students must have a GPA of C- or higher to qualify. To be eligible for a 4-year bachelor’s degree you must have a GPA of B- or high to qualify. On your FAFSA, your family expected contribution must be less than $15,000.  The application is due April 15, 2023. 
  • The Mitchell Scholarship just opened for all students of a Maine public high school. One student from every high school will be awarded 10,000 dollars in annual installments of $2,500 a year. This year the Mitchell Institute is giving out 20 more scholarships to Maine students not attending public schools. The Application closes on April 1st, 2023. 
  • Going Merry has multiple smaller scholarships to check out. 

If you are interested in learning about new scholarships check your email from Ms. Faulkner or go talk to her in the high school counseling office.

A Visit to The Portland Museum of Art

by Jack Foye

Art is one of the many important things in our day-to-day lives. It is all around us and in many forms, too. The Portland Museum of Art is just one of the many places in Maine where you can see a collection of unique art pieces from both local and international artists. I made a stop at this museum while on an important trip to Portland a week ago. I am not usually that interested in museums unless they are based around music or certain niche interests of mine, but the distinct art pieces made it worth my time, and I felt inclined to take pictures of a few pieces I found most interesting, some of which I, unfortunately, didn’t catch the creators of.

This one was one of the first pieces I saw in the gallery and it’s also one of my favorites.

It seems to be made out of a type of wood and/or clay with a variety of different jungle creatures as well. In person, it was even bigger than it looks in the picture. It would be amazing to own as decor, but I don’t think it would fit in my room, anyway.

Something I really like is  lineless artwork, which is more common in paintings than it is in traditional or digital art. It’s very appealing, especially when it has a bit of a messy appearance. This painting was very cute to me and had a lovely realistic color palette that is easy on the eyes and would make for a great decorative piece if it were for sale.

These wooden carvings were my favorite among everything I’d seen. I almost wanted to pick one up and walk out with it because these were honestly so charming. I don’t think I have seen something similar to these before, so it makes me wonder what materials these are composed of besides wood.

This piece was one of the few that I was able to catch the creator of. The creator of this piece, Valerie Hegarty, is most known for creating unique and “warped” modern art pieces such as this one, which is titled: Warped Clipper Ship. Despite its old appearance, the piece is actually from 2016. It was definitely an interesting sight to behold.

This art piece, coincidentally, is one that I own a replica of. I initially thought that this was another piece by Valerie Hegarty, but it is actually created by Franklin Stanwood, an artist from Maine. 

While this piece is very simple, it speaks many words just in its existence alone. Marcus Leslie Singleton, the artist, reflects on his family members’ experience in prison. This really spoke to me, because it breaks my heart to see the way that marginalized groups of people are treated in these circumstances. It further inspired me to work to help others and the world.

I think that the most important thing about art is the story that every piece tells;  the way it can inspire others and teach them about the experiences of other individuals or show them a different perspective or way of doing things. The Portland Museum of Art is an overall great place to visit whether you live in Portland or are just stopping by. The staff there welcome you warmly and the space is very LGBTQ friendly as all places should be. There is even a little gift shop where you can purchase different merchandise such as games, books, water bottles, and even dog collars as well. The gift shop is a great place to find a unique gift for a friend or family member. The museum is even working on a new level in the building to display more artwork, which gives you all the more reason to visit this year. I am excited to see what will be displayed next.

Temperatures Plummet this Weekend

by Brooklynn Brown

Maine is about to see the coldest weekend in the last decade. The temperature for this day and onward will be record-breaking. It is expected to continue to drop throughout today and through the weekend, with -25 degree weather and 30 mph winds. There is a possibility that, hopefully, the weather will return to average temperatures by Sunday.

Some important pieces of advice for this dangerous drop in temperature are…

  • Keep your cold water trickling to prevent your pipes from freezing.
  • Cover up completely, and leave no open skin for more than 5-10 minutes. 
  • Keep pets inside, as they can easily get frostbite, so only let them out for 5 minutes max. 
  • This cold weather will pose a threat to car batteries, have a fully charged vehicle if you must go out.
  •  Make sure to have extra clothing, snacks, and drinks set aside in preparation.

Some students are especially concerned about their pets. One student is worried about her pets staying outside for too long and getting too cold, and is also worried about the water freezing and having to leave her house in this freezing weather. Many other students, including myself, share these concerns as well. With that being said, bundle up and strap yourselves in for a record-breaking freeze, and stay safe!

Accommodations for your out-of-town graduation guests

by Belle Holt

Graduation will be here before you know it. If you are looking for a fun place for your out-of-town family and friends to stay while visiting, check out Cedar Manor Townhouse in Belfast, Maine! Cedar Manor is located on Cedar Street, Belfast, not far from Belfast City Park and the downtown city of Belfast(all within walking distance). In the summer they offer kayaks and cribbage, a grill, and firepit outside, which are perfect for cookouts. They offer a fenced-in backyard and also allow pets! They also have many fun games for you and your kids to enjoy! The house has 3 bedrooms, equipped with 5 beds, and two baths. It is owned by Arthur and Lorraine Johnson and can be found on airbnb.com. 

Sad Celebrity News

by Brooklynn Brown

Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley died at just 54 years old after going into full cardiac arrest. When paramedics made it to the home, she still had signs of life and was taken to a nearby hospital. Close friends report that her death is very devastating news., She was a passionate, strong, and loving person.   

Crafters Wanted

by Belle Holt

The Craft Club is looking for more members! In the Craft Club, members will bring, or find, a craft to do, from crochet, knitting, sewing, and macrame to jewelry making, and more. There is a lot of yarn, wool, knitting and crochet needles, as well as sewing machines. There are also supplies for macrame. Many individuals offer to bring in personal items too. Frau teaches knitting and crochet, and Ms. Callahan often comes in to help students with crochet as well. Most members crochet or knit, but some others may make jewelry, needle felt, and more! The goal of the Craft club is to make time for students to do their hobbies that they may not make time for otherwise. There are currently 5 members that show up most often; however, there are others who have conflicts because of sports. The members would love it if you joined in during 5th period Mustang Time or after school on Thursdays! It is held in Frau Mussatti’s room H107. 

Severe Weather Targets California

by Lexi Cluney

California’s severe weather 

Thousands of Californians fled their homes as severe weather continued to batter the state, leaving one dead, a child missing, and massive swaths of power outages last week. Homes were flooded, streets were transformed into rivers and cars were swamped. One person was killed in Avila beach, roughly 180 miles north of Los Angeles, when a vehicle was overtaken by water. A child is also missing after being swept away when floodwaters swamped a vehicle in the northern section of the county. As of 7:15am PT on Tuesday, more than 232,000 utility customers were without power across California. 

The Polar Plunge

by Belle Holt

The Polar Plunge– also known as the Polar Bear Plunge, is an annual event that takes place every year around New Year’s Day in a variety of places in the world. The event brings together hundreds of people who, in turn, join together to jump into the ocean as a way to signify a new year. The event has different names depending on where it is held. For instance, Old Orchard Beach calls their Polar Plunge the “Lobster Dip” and Portland named their’s the “Polar Bear Dip & Dash.” 

The proceeds from the events are donated to a variety of different programs and charities. One of the largest Polar Plunge events held in the U.S. since 1998 is located in Long Beach, New York, where thousands of people take the plunge on Superbowl Sunday. Last year on January 15th, 2022, Belfast held a fundraiser to aid refugee relocation and support services in the state of Maine. They were able to raise a total of $5,500 with their original goal being only $2,000.

Overall, the event is a great way for people to celebrate a new year and to not only get together and have a fun time but to raise money and help support a cause!

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