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An Interview with Mr. Gray

by Orion Hudson

Did you know our Principal Mr. Gray is in a band? Well, if not, then you’re in for a treat. The band is The Right Track. I interviewed Mr. Gray to learn more about him and his band.

Me: How did the band come to be?

Mr. Gray: So the founder of the band is Tom Rodman. He is a retired New York executive, and when he moved to Maine after retiring, he wanted to start up a band in the Camden area. He was in a band when he was young and missed it. When he retired to Camden, he started networking to find musicians.

Me: What instrument do you play?

Mr. Gray: In the band, I’m lead vocals. I play guitar, but only at home not in the band.

Me: How did you get into music?

Mr. Gray: I was always kind of musically inclined, playing piano and clarinet as a kid. Then I realized as a teenager that I could sing really well, joined the chorus, and in college, I was in an acapella group. After college, I moved to Maine and began singing at events like weddings and funerals. I also sang in an impromptu teacher band, and that’s how Tom Rodman heard about me.

Me: What’s your favorite genre of music?

Mr. Gray: It is impossible to say. It depends on my mood

Me: Do you have any upcoming gigs?

Mr. Gray: This Friday, February 16th.

At the Elks Lodge. It’s put on by Out! Maine.

Me: How long has your band been around?

Mr. Gray: 8 years.

Mount View Sports Excitement

by Noah Hurd

The wrestling team had their Class B North Regional Championship on February 11th, we have two Regional champions a big congrats to Riley Bryant winning his weight class at 285 lbs. and Tony Vieira on winning his weight class at 132 lbs. The following 4 wrestlers also placed in the top 4 in their weight class- Josiah Miller 3rd in the 138 lbs. weight class, Alexander Whitney 3rd in the 150 lbs. weight class, Cooper Wren 2nd in the 175 lbs. weight class, and Oden Pontillo 4th in the 215 lbs. weight class. All 6 wrestlers will be competing at the Class B State Championship this weekend 2/17 at Mountain Valley High School. 

Both of the basketball teams won their prelim games this week. For the girls, the score was 47-44 and for the boys, it was 57-38. They will be heading to Bangor to play at the Cross Center. The boys play Monday at 5:30 pm, and the girls play Tuesday at 8:30 pm at the Cross Center. Make sure you come out and support and be loud! 

And again if you didn’t know, the Unified Basketball team is starting up, so be sure you come and support them!

Black History Month

by Mary Macary

The First African-American Woman to Travel in Space, Mae Jemison

In 1992, 35-year-old Mae Jemison became the first African-American Woman to go to space. As a mission specialist aboard the space shuttle, Endeavour, she and her crewmates were in space for about eight days orbiting Earth. 

As a young girl, Jemison had always felt she was destined to go to space. She felt this way despite knowing that when she was a kid, no women or people of color had gone to space. It was her dream. After being enrolled at Stanford University at the young age of 16, Jemison’s dream was closer than ever, soon graduating with a degree in chemical engineering in 1977. Furthering her education for several years, in 1987 she finally decided to reach for her dream of becoming an astronaut by applying to NASA, being accepted to go to space in the first mission after the explosion of The Challenger

 One of her main inspirations for her love of space as a kid was Star Trek. What’s special about this is that she later became the first real astronaut to appear on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, being featured just a year after her space mission. In addition to achieving her dreams and being able to act in Star Trek, Jemison also wrote several children’s books. 

Though she left the world for only eight days, when she came back, she had made a permanent impact on the acceptance and view of African-American women not only in NASA, but in the scientific community in general.

Dogs in the Spotlight: Mack 

by Jill Jewett

The Waterville Human Society has several dogs for adoption, this week we’ll discuss the pup that has been at the shelter for the longest: Mack. 

Mack has been at the Waterville Humane Society since March 31st, 2023. This good boy is a larger dog, a Mastiff mix, and is five years old. He is black with brown patches and he is neutered, it is unknown if he’s housetrained. Mack is looking for a forever home where he can be the only pet and the only baby since this boy is not great with children. Mack is a very protective boy, and will love you like no other! Mack enjoys his fluffy beds and peanut butter kongs. 

How to adopt: The adoption process is simple! Go to the Humane Society in person, or download an application to print out off their website. Once the application is filled out, drop it off in person at the shelter when they are open. 

Monday: 12 pm-4:30 pm

Tuesday: 12 pm-4:30 pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 12 pm-4:30 pm

Friday: 12 pm-4:30 pm

Saturday: 10 am-4:30 pm

Sunday: CLOSED

*PLEASE NOTE* That filling out an application for an animal does not guarantee your adoption. We match animals with adopters on a first come, first considered basis. Unfortunately, we cannot hold animals longer because they deserve every chance to be in a loving home as soon as possible. Once you have applied, we will consider your application, check references (if applicable), confirm housing, and let you know if you have been accepted. You can either pay the adoption fee over the phone or come in the next day to pay and complete the adoption.

Website: https://hswa.org/

Phone Number: (207) 873-2430

Email: info@hswa.org

Address: 100 Webb Road, Waterville, ME 04901

Mount View Basketball News

by Noah Hurd

The stakes were high on Monday, February 5th at Mount View High School, and everyone who was there in the packed gymnasium knew it. The energy was off the charts for this game, with this game being the game that everyone has talked about. Mt. Abram was 14-1 going into the game, and Mount View was 11-4 going into the game. Two players were in reach of 1000 career points, and the Mustangs needed a big win badly to make sure they clinched a spot in playoffs. It was a night to remember for Noah Hurd (myself). I was able to get my 1000 points and help the team to a 60-52 victory that helped us clinch a playoff spot. With only 1 game left of the regular season, both the Boys’ and Girls’ basketball teams have been strong. The Girls’ team hosted Winslow for their final game of the regular season on Thursday, and it was also senior night, while the boys were away for their last game.

The Boys’ and Girls’ basketball teams will host a prelim game. The Girls’ is Tuesday, February 13th at 6:00 pm, and the Boys’ is Wednesday, February 14th at 6:00 pm. We ask for you all to continue your support and show up, and be sure to wear white and be loud!

Also, the unified basketball team has started its season. Make sure you come out and support them just like they support us at sporting events!

14 Ways to Beat the Winter-Time Blues 

by Jill Jewett

It is no surprise that you may be feeling a little more upset, or “blue” during the winter months. Do not fear! This is a common feeling affecting about 5% of Americans for about 40% of the year. Although this is a very uncomfortable time, there are many ways to make your seasons a little brighter. 

  1. Keep Active 

All year it is important to try to maintain some activity, but it’s even more important during winter! It is recommended that people get an hour or more of physical activity a day. Exercising releases endorphins and dopamine, which are known to improve moods! 

  1. Get Good Sleep 

Yes. You probably have heard this many times before. However, it is very important to make sure you are saving enough time in the day to prioritize yourself, especially your sleep schedule. Insomnia is known for giving those who suffer from it anxiety, battling seasonal depression on top of insomnia with anxiety is a recipe for disaster.   

  1. Give Back

It is not a surprise that human behavior is motivated by the search for purpose in your life. So when you’re feeling down, try giving back. Learn about where you can volunteer in your community, and try to keep in touch with your community. 

  1. Use a Light Lamp

A light lamp, also known as a light therapy box, is a box that mimics a light the same as light from the outdoors. This can be a beneficial purchase because the body craves outside, and bright light, especially when it gets darker earlier in the winter. 

  1. Take Vitamins 

Always reach out to your healthcare physician before taking any sort of vitamin. During the winter months, our body craves more vitamin D, something we get from the sun, especially during summer. Vitamin D does come in capsule form and is beneficial for your body as it lacks this vitamin with little amount of sun. 

  1. Outside Time 

I will be the first person to admit that I hate the cold! I dislike being outside when it’s cold, wet, and snowy. However, forcing yourself outside for at least an hour during the day can boost your mood and energy, especially during these winter months. 

  1. Laugh!

It is always a good idea to laugh even during these cold months, when you may find nothing funny. Laughing can brighten your mood and release some stress. Perhaps crack a few jokes with a friend, or go to a comedy club, or you can even watch your favorite comedic movie. 

  1. Hangout With Those You Love 

Seclusion is one of the leading effects of seasonal depression. It’s known that people tend to isolate themselves when they feel down. However, do not let these bad feelings stop you from hanging out with people you enjoy being around. Try to see a friend or have some well-deserved family time. 

  1. Preparation

One of the best ways you can help yourself fight seasonal depression is to prepare for it. If you know that you struggle during the winter, find out things you can do to beat it during the fall. Feel these emotions, and let them go. Understand that this time is hard on everybody! 

  1. Stick to a Schedule 

As mentioned before, you may find yourself struggling to sleep during this time, maintaining a regular schedule can help you maintain a sleep schedule. Although your life may not change when winter hits, you start to feel different. Perhaps you start giving yourself more time to get ready in the morning, or you sleep for a little bit longer. Changing your schedule in the winter is a normal thing to do! 

  1. Keep a Journal 

If you aren’t the kind of person who likes to talk about your feelings, try writing them down in a journal. It’s recommended that you make this journal something you like, maybe a color you like or a nice print. Your journal doesn’t have to make sense, and you don’t have to let anybody read it. Getting these feelings out may help you find your clarity. 

  1. Reach out to a Healthcare Professional

Perhaps you’ve tried all of these tasks, and you just can’t seem to get out of your slump. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your doctor, make sure to tell them exactly how you’re feeling! 

  1. Give Yourself a Break 

There can be a lot of stress during these cold months, and adding seasonal depression on top of that doesn’t help anybody. Remember that you also need a break, take a day off, and watch a show you like. Or even just lay in bed all day. It’s important to remember your own needs, especially if you are mentally struggling. 

  1. Be Realistic 

Alongside giving yourself some lee-way, you have to be real with yourself. You are not going to feel amazing every day, and that is okay! Everybody has their struggles, and many other people suffer from the winter blues. You may not remember to journal every day, or take your vitamin D, don’t beat yourself up for simply being a person. 

Pottery Class offered at Unity Pond Pottery

by Schuyler Hunt

Local business, Unity Pond Pottery, has announced its decision to offer beginner classes at their store. Unity Pond Pottery is located in Unity, Maine, and is owned by Robert and Wendy Esposito. Together, they started their local business in 1986 and it became popular within the community. Since their business started and gained popularity, for their gorgeous pottery work, people have asked if they would ever start beginner classes. However, with their busy schedule, it was difficult for Robert and Wendy to make time to offer classes. Recently, they have found the time to start offering these long-awaited pottery classes, which are open to everyone.

Black History Month and Kara Walker

bt Mary Macary

Black History Month and Kara Walker

Black History Month serves as a way to recognize the achievements of Black people both in the present and throughout history. It was in 1976 that this month officially became Black History Month as a way to honor the achievements of Black people that are overshadowed, as well as recognize and bring awareness to the struggles of Black people in America. This year, the theme of Black History Month has been decided as African Americans and the Arts. This highlights the influences and prominent figures in American arts, including performing and visual arts, literature, language, music, film, and even fashion. 

One prominent Black artist whose contributions should be recognized is Kara Walker, an American painter who is most known for her room-size silhouettes made of black cut paper. Their sharp contrast with crisp lines offers a means for Walker to portray clear imagery and effective messaging. Walker’s works contain powerful messages about historical narratives, violence, subjugation, and sexuality. One large message she aims to deliver is the damage caused by slavery, a history that cannot be buried. She reveals through her work that the slavery of the past still harms America today. Walker is also a feminist who often speaks out against racism.

“I think really the whole problem with racism and its continuing legacy in this country is that we simply love it. Who would we be without the ‘struggle?’”(Kara Walker, 1997).

 As she gained popularity and recognition in the art world, winning several awards such as a MacArthur Fellowship in 1997, Walker has been allowed increasing creative freedom and resources, thus allowing her to create projects such as, “…calling to me from the angry surface of some grey and threatening sea, I was transported” (2007). Through this short film, Walker used the silhouettes she was known for against stark brightly colored backgrounds to portray her messages through animation. The purpose of this film was to contrast American slavery with the genocide in Darfur in 2003. By making notions of the past, through her brilliant art Kara Walker is able to bring awareness to the grievances of the more recent upsets throughout the world. An activist for people of color and for women, Kara Walker is an incredible artist and a brave woman. 

Guitar Class at Mount View High School

by Orion Hudson

Updated February 16, 2024

Orion Hudson Interviews Alec Moreland

Are you aware that Mount View High has a guitar class where you can learn the basics of guitar? I am in that class this semester, and it is a fun and good class. If you are interested in guitar, go talk to Mr. Davenport and see if it might be for you. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Below are two interviews with classmates so that you can see inside the mind of an up-and-coming guitarist. 

First, I interviewed Guitar student Alec Moreland.

Me: How long have you been playing guitar?

Alec: About a Year.

Me: What or who got you into guitar?

Alec: My great-grandfather

Me: What is your favorite genre to play on guitar?

Alec: Country

Me: What is your favorite genre of music?

Alec: Probably classical or smooth jazz.

Me: Who is your favorite band?

Alec: Florida Georgia Line.

Me: Have you ever thought about joining a band?

Alec: I’ve thought about it; I just don’t know who I’d get to play the other instruments.

Me: Do you have future plans for guitar?

Alec: Yeah, play in my off time, maybe make a little extra cash.

Me: Do you plan on making your own music?

Alec: Yes, I’ve already got some written down.

Alec could possibly be an up-and-coming music artist. How about you?

Later, I interviewed another one of my guitar classmates so that you can get into the mindset of a future guitarist. Their name is Skylar Whittington.

Me: How long have you been playing guitar?

Skylar: Since the beginning of this year.

Me: What or who got you into guitar?

Skylar: Tik Tok and my dad.

Me: What is your favorite genre to play on guitar?

Skylar: I don’t have one.

Me: What is your favorite genre of music?

Skylar: Indie/pop, rnb, and hip-hop.

Me: Who is your favorite band?

Skylar: No favorite band.

Me: Have you ever thought about joining a band?

Skylar: No.

Me: Do you have future plans for guitar?

Skylar: For fun.

Me: Do you plan on making your own music?

Skylar: Nope, just gonna play songs that are already made that I like.

Me: What is your favorite type of guitar?

Skylar: No favorite.

Me: What is your favorite riff to play?

Skylar: The apology song. 

Snow Days: What Insiders Have to Say 

by Jill Jewett and Mary Macary

Jill Jewett & Mary Macary 

As we enter the second half of the year, we have accumulated six inclement weather days, two “2-hour delays,” and three early releases. It is safe to say that the weather has not been on our side this year. Hear how three teachers and two student drivers have been affected by these disrupted days. 

Ms. Nadeau 

Q- What do you teach? 

  1. I teach life skills 

Q- How do snow days affect classes?

  1.  It may get my group of kids out of their routine

Q-  How do delays affect classes? 

  1. Snow days, delays, and early releases are very much of an adjustment, especially when my kids have their routines. However, I don’t always have to change my kid’s schedule. 

Q- What have you noticed about students when it comes to delays? 

  1. Shorter days make kids happier! However it does affect their routines, for example, they miss breakfast but have lunch very soon after arriving at school. 

Q- Do you think administrators were correct with the decisions made this year so far? 

  1. The weather is really hard to predict, I don’t run their jobs so I’m not sure of what their determining factors are. 


Q- What do you teach? 

  1.  German

Q- How do snow days affect classes? 

  1. I think they’re a gift! I love them!

Q- How do delays affect classes?

  1. Early releases and delays affect classes more because very often I have different levels of my German classes and it gets off sync.

Q- What have you noticed about students when it comes to delays? 

  1.  Student’s consistency gets messed up with delays and early releases, not to mention the new semester.

Q- Do you think administrators were correct with the decisions made this year so far?

  1.  I agree with all the decisions made. I am also quite great at predicting them! 

Ms. Gray

Q- What do you teach? 

  1. English

Q- How do snow days affect classes? 

  1. Breaks up due dates and schedules and also messes up pacing.

Q- How do delays affect classes? 

  1. Delays and half days mess up schedules more! 

Q- What have you noticed about students when it comes to delays? 

  1. Way fewer kids show up and their behavior tends to be lazier.

Q- Do you think administrators were correct with the decisions made this year so far? 

  1. I don’t quite know. A couple of the days have been a little confusing to me. 

Deanna Measaric (Senior) 

Q- Do you drive to school every day? 

  1.  Yes.

Q- What do you drive? 

  1. A Kia Rondo

Q- Do you feel comfortable driving to school when it’s snowing? 

  1.  Depends on the severity.

Q- Do your parents let you drive in the weather? 

  1. Yes.

Q- Do you still drive to school even when we have a 2-hour delay?

  1.  Yes.

Q- Have you found feeling safer driving during a 2-hour delay? 

  1. Yes.

Q- What would you change about driving to school in the weather? 

  1. I think we shouldn’t have to come at all during bad weather days.

Q- Do you think you would still feel safe driving if you lived further away from the school?

  1.  No. 

Anthony Mathous (Senior) 

Q- Do you drive to school every day? 

  1. For the most part 

Q- What do you drive? 

  1. 2011 Ford Edge 

Q- Do you feel comfortable driving to school when it’s snowing? 

  1. Yea

Q- Do your parents let you drive in the weather? 

  1. Yea  

Q- Do you still drive to school even when we have a 2-hour delay? 

  1. Yea 

Q- Have you found feeling safer driving during a 2-hour delay? 

  1. I haven’t noticed  

Q- What would you change about driving to school in the weather? 

  1. Sometimes the roads could be plowed better

In general, teachers and students agree with the choices of snow days, though delays and half days are generally less popular, especially among teachers. The disruption of routine in classes can cause more harm than good in many classes, but teachers agree that the choices are necessary for the safety of the students.

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